GreenTec invests into SuperFluid Labs

GreenTec has announced its investment in SuperFluid Labs, a SAAS provider or data analytics and artificial intelligence solutions.

SuperFluid has developed a comprehensive data analytics platform that can assess credit scores and provide business intelligence more effectively through Big Data and artificial intelligence.

The SuperFluid team consists of data scientists, engineers, and mathematicians; who have built a proprietary technology platform that has customer transactional data to automatically reveal customer behaviors and trends (eg credit risk and defaults), as well as helping to reduce engagement, reduce churn risk, and increase overall profitability. The company’s mission is to bring AI to businesses and consumers to economic growth and opportunities.

The company has already established a successful consulting business providing their analytics services to MFIs such as responsAbility, as well as traditional banks like Fidelity Bank (Ghana) and NIC Bank (Kenya) to name a few.

Next, SuperFluid plans to expand their offerings targeting e-commerce clients, helping businesses to offer their own credit services to qualified customers. Capturing transactional data from multiple sources will allow SuperFluid to develop robust market-focused credit scoring models.

This will provide the company with a competitive advantage on international agencies that are limited by African regional and regional scoring companies.

By providing bespoke analytics to banks, eCommerce platforms, and MFIs the company plans to sacrifice a Pan-African credit scoring solution help expand financial integration to African Africans as well as empower.

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