Elselund Ewudzie-Sampson is the founder and executive director of BIG SAMPS MARKET a Ghanaian enterprise that is into a smart innovative approach to grocery and farm products to its customers. She talked to Africa Innovates about the enterprise’s business model, the growing clientele base as demand soars and her aspirations moving forward.

What is Big Samps Market?

Big Samps Market is an online food market and grocery delivery service. We shop and deliver groceries from local markets and farms to individuals, families and businesses in the comfort of their homes and offices.

Where is it located? (Country, City, Quarter, Office?)

Big Samps Market is located in Accra, Ghana.

When was it founded and by who?

Big Samps started by Elselund Ewudzie-Sampson (Adwoa Agbogbloshie Sampson) operating officially in August 2017.

How is the enterprise funded?

The company has been funded through personal savings, and financial support from family.

What are the competitive advantages of your business?

 Identifying that web based food shopping is a struggle for most people, we on the other hand have made access to our service very user friendly. Placing an order for your groceries is Just like text chatting with a friend because clients place their orders via WhatsApp.

How has the market responded to your products/services?

The response and feedback has been impressive. Though the grocery delivery industry is a baby industry in our part of the world. The business which started with no clients now serves 130+ families, individuals and businesses.

What have been your business milestones over the past 2 years?

 Gaining recognition through published articles, client recommendations and winning the maiden Lux Supergirl Empowerment Clinic Award for young innovative female owned business in November 2018

Who are your clients?

 Women (Nursing mothers, working and business class, students) businesses in the food industry then few men.

Who are your main competitors?

Other startup grocery delivery services, shopping malls, community foodstuff vendors.

What are the future plans for your venture?

Create mobile markets in the city to serve clients faster whiles widening our clientele. Strengthening supplier driven linkages with market women and farmers to also aid in faster and efficient delivery whiles helping market women and farmers achieve less loss but more earnings. To gain prominent web/online presence to gain us more recognition both in and outside Ghana. We look forward to serving clients with same day order and delivery.

What does your company need to grow, scale and prosper?

We currently need funding to help us acquiring a truck for transporting goods and a bigger working space. We also look forward to including more human resource to aid in marketing and general operations.

What message would you like to convey the readers of AFRICA INNOVATES who are thinking of investing in Africa?

There are several opportunities to look out for in Ghana and Africa. It is not easy executing business ideas in our part of the world with all the irregularities but with determination and consistency, we strive and stand tall in our local setting. To the investors/mentors/VCs, there are many innovative ideas/startups here in Ghana/Africa that are not getting adequate mentoring, coaching and funding to commercialize. We need to open up the spectrum for inclusive African startups growth and investment. 


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